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  • 寫返個啱嘅收信人,仲要CC份副本俾你上司

  • 清楚寫出你辭職嘅原因

  • 感謝公司俾呢個工作機會你,令你有機會累積寶貴經驗

  • 最後祝願公司未來發展順利


In accordance with the terms stipulated in my employment contract


I would like to convey my utmost appreciation and gratitude.


I extend my heartfelt wishes for a prosperous future to all of you.


Allow me to seize this moment to extend my sincerest well wishes to each and every one of you as you embark on your future endeavors.



Dear Mr. CHAN (your supervisor/manager),

I am writing to formally confirm my resignation from XYZ Company, citing family reasons as the primary factor. I intend for my last day of work to be on xx-xx-2023.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the support and guidance that I have received during my tenure with the company. The past few years have been truly rewarding, and I am grateful for the valuable experience and growth opportunities I have encountered.

I extend my best wishes to you and the entire team for a prosperous future filled with success and achievements.

Yours faithfully,

Natasha Wong


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