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[From $7] Individually Packaged Pastry & Cake Menu 2023

  • Free Shipping for any orders over $300 🚚

  • Free individual packaging 🎁

  • Free stickers; minibus stickers🔴🔵

  • Accept consumption voucher 💰

  • Accept same day/ next day urgent orders⚡​

  • ​【Licensed Food Factory: 2915802562】Shop 407, Stanley Plaza

Customer reviews, media coverage:

Price List:
✔️ "Thank You" stickers included
✔️ Individually packa
ged with bow

🍭Waffle Lollipop: $28/pc
🧇Original Waffle Pack $22/pc

🍩Donut Lollipop: $22/pc

🍪Butter Hand-made Cookie
🍰Mini Muffin

🌹🌻🍵Floral Scented Tea Bags
(Can be mixed)
1-pc pack $7
2-pc pack $14
3-pc pack $21
4-pc pack $28
5-pc pack $35

💛Palmier sealed family pack $500/tray (~100pc)

🐝British Tiptree pure honey mini jar 🍯(28g, 1oz)
$15 for one bottle, 
$30 for two bottles, 
$7 for honey stick, 
$7 for floral tea bag

☕Drip coffee pods
$15 for one pack,
$30 for two packs

lf-life & storage

​Individual Packs & Gift Boxes

錨點 1

Shipping Arrangement:

🚚Direct delivery from shop(all products👌)

Free shipping on orders over $400 for Hong Kong Island , $500 for Kowloon, $600 for New Territories ✔🚚Same day directly from Stanley shop👌

SF Express delivery(Donut does not support SF delivery 🙏🙏)

Free shipping on orders over $300 ✔ Delivery Box cushioned with bubble pad ✔ Order will be sent 2 working days in advance, door to door or self-pickup at SF Express stations 🙏

Kind reminder: Exact Arrival time cannot be specified for SF Express delivery 🙏

Order under $300

Customers are welcomed to pre-order online before self-pickup at Room 07, 4th Floor, Stanley Plaza (1-6pm) ✔🙏 or to arrange self-pickup from Stanley by Lalamove, Gogovan 🙏

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Whatsapp Inquiry 64362016:

(✔️Urgent orders on the same day/next day are accepted, please provide bank transfer slip directly for expedited arrangements❣️)

Payment Method:

Alipay (Credit Card👌 Consumption Voucher👌), PaymeOctopus, Tap&Go, FPS, HangSeng, BOC

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